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Link to private Youtube video exercise library with 48 individual videos of kettlebell, sandbag and bodyweight exercises, flows, and sequences used in these workouts!  Never forget what to do again! 🙂

What is all this?

As promised, here’s my original collection of workouts I guest-taught at often sold-out coed small group classes at a high end private Upper West Side Manhattan gym. (click here to read the backstory of this fun adventure)

What You Get:

  • A PDF eBook of every kettlebell, calisthenics, Ultimate Sandbag, or combination workout I led in NYC with suggestions for regressions, progressions, alternate options for newbies.
  • Two bonus outdoor training variations of two of the workouts which my small group class enjoyed in Florida with minimal equipment.

Optional Upgrade:

  • Don’t have all the equipment listed in the workouts? Or maybe you want to have the workouts adjusted for different fitness level (beginner, advanced, anywhere in-between). I can personally adapt the workouts to your fitness situation and the equipment you have for a total of $59.99.
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The Long Story:

How did I land this interesting “substitute teacher” gig? While scrolling through Instagram one day I noticed that a friend was in need of trainers at his gym in Manhattan… and I had a severe need to get out of town. It’s one thing to leave for a few days, but for some reason I wanted to see if I could stand to hang out in busy, bustling Manhattan for nearly 2 weeks.

So, I sent him a message saying that I wasn’t looking for a permanent job but would be able to teach all the evening and weekend classes he was teaching for a week or more while he was trying to hire more trainers. He and I have a lot of the same certifications – RKC-II, DVRT 1+2, PCC – so I would be able lead those classes and free up his time for a bit. For once, I would be earning money realtime as I sure can spend it fast in NYC!

Then, I thought it would be a whole lot of fun to create all new workouts for his people… and then save them for you. On some days I led one class, on others I led three classes, so you’ll notice that the workouts are not necessarily sequential. They’re not a “program”. But, after realizing that for the past several years, people have been leading their small group kettlebell and bodyweight classes using the workouts from my main website, I thought it might be fun to put together a little eBook of all new workouts you could pick and choose for that purpose. It’s fun to mix it up, and it keeps people on their toes, too. The opportunity to try these new workouts out on cool people in a different gym was just too tempting for me to resist.

The gym itself was exceptionally well equipped with tons of Dragon Door kettlebells, Ultimate Sandbags, Sandbells, “evil” ab wheels, and more. There was an unusual challenge though, a surprisingly low ceiling! While the original workouts are designed around that issue, I’ve added full height or outdoor variations on the effected workouts too. There are notes about regressions and progressions so if your people have basic kettlebell and sandbag skills–or they are working towards gaining those skills, you’ll be able to train them all in the same group.

It’s funny, but working with a new set of circumstances and with entirely new people was a sheer joy and mentally stimulating. The class participants also seemed to enjoy a slightly different approach for the time I was there. We were using many techniques they were already very familiar with, and of course the same equipment that they’d been using in the gym, but with my own spin on things. This is part of why I love to pick the brains of other coaches and serious enthusiasts.

Speaking of that, if you haven’t already noticed, I’m offering some interesting “add on” to the eBook.

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profilephotoadrienneharvey460Who the Heck is Adrienne Harvey?

If you’re on this page you probably already know that Adrienne writes and runs a fitness and lifestyle website featuring over 100 free workouts, recipes, blog posts and more since 2009. Seriously involved with kettlebell training since 2008, Adrienne was first RKC certified back in 2010 and got even more hooked on the Hardstyle kettlebell system. She first earned her RKC-II certification in 2011, then went on to help teach the PCC (Progressive Calisthenics Certification) workshops starting in 2013. She’s currently a Senior PCC Instructor, RKC-II Instructor,CK-FMS, and DVRT1+2 instructor. In addition to training a hand-picked group of local individuals, instructors and prospective instructors, and a seasonal small group, she also helps instruct at PCC workshops when they need her, and leads 1-day SCC workshops (a one-day entry level calisthenics instructor certification). In fact, here’s an upcoming SCC workshop she’s teaching in Chicago on June 3rd, 2017.

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